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A simple, effective and safe solution to protect your gut flora
f2-M Bac Probiotics

f2-M Bac, is a health supplement in the form of a liquid microbiotic spray, formulated to protect and to optimise the role of the gut flora.

A healthy gut flora provides vitamins and other nutrients that are essential to our health. Today, scientists estimate the number of different bacterial strains which colonize our body to be more than 10.000 strains. Our body harbours more than 100 trillion microorganisms, outnumbering human cells at least 10 to 1. This means that human organisms have co-evolved together with microorganisms. Without living microorganisms, no life would be possible on this planet. Changes in lifestyle and a work-life imbalance, leads to stress, exhaustion and an increased risk of disease. These changes are associated with a change of your microbiotic composition as disease causing (pathogenic) bacteria take over to negatively impact on the neurotransmitters in your brain, your glucose and fat metabolism. Furthermore, they can weaken and even damage proper immune responses in your body.

Why is f2-M different from other probiotics?
F2m Bac

f2-M was originally developed from more than 200 different bacterial strains, which have been tested in numerous experiments for features to support and supplement each other as a defined bacterial ecosystem. After years of research, it was discovered that only 33 different bacterial strains were necessary to guarantee a regulatory and balancing function to sustain and to restore a human microbiome on an individual basis.

f2-M contains approximately 1 billion living bacteria per ml. However, it is not the absolute number which makes the difference – it is the regulatory and detoxifying function of this living bacteria which makes the big difference when compared to standard conventional probiotic consumption.

f2-M is a very unique product in the sense that it consists –simultaneously – of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial strains.

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