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Faisal Nasimuddin

Produced entirely from certified herbs and fruit extracts, f2-m Microbiota is a unique formula of effective microorganisms developed by Professor Fred Fandrich and Mikroveda of Germany

Why f2-M Bac?

A healthy gut flora consists of at least 4000 different bacterial strains. Today, scientists estimate the number of different bacterial strains which colonize our body to be more than 10.000 strains. Our body harbours more than 100 trillion microorganisms, outnumbering human cells at least 10 to 1. This means that human organisms have co-evolved together with microorganisms. Without living microorganisms, no life would be possible on this planet. Changes in lifestyle and a work-life imbalance, leads to stress, exhaustion and an increased risk of disease. These changes are associated with a change of your microbiotic composition as disease causing (pathogenic) bacteria take over to negatively impact on the neurotransmitters in your brain, your glucose and fat metabolism. Furthermore, they can weaken and even damage proper immune responses in your body.

A balanced flora strengthens your composition of organisms

Why is f2-M different from other probiotics?

Many trace elements of our body, such as vitamins, trace elements (minerals), important co-enzymes and hormones are dependent on the proper absorption of essential nutritional ingredients in our gut. Only the bio availability of these elements taken up by our gut flora will provide a sustained supply to nourish all the different metabolic activities necessary to prevent disease.


A strong and prepared immune system needs access to these essential nutritional elements as well. Toxic compounds, such as antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, free oxygen and nitrogen radicals can alter the biodiversity of healthy bacteria within our microbiome. This will have a detrimental impact on our health and integrity of important metabolic and immune functions. f2-M can effectively regulate and rebalance changes within the microbiome, therefore supporting health and physiologic body functions.

Chronic Inflamation

Chronic inflammation is the starting point of all chronic diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases (diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, etc), allergies and neurodegenerative diseases (Morbus Parkinson, Morbus Alzehimer, autism, Multiple Sclerosis etc). As such, gut bacteria can be potentially harmful when the gut ecosystem undergoes abnormal changes which is defined as “dysbiosis of the gut. The composition of gut bacteria can indicate the risk of diseases in each person.

Figure 3 Broad schematic representation of cell types and mediators involved in immunomodulation of the gut. The black arrow indicates either physiological secretion or activation; The red arrow indicates a pathological event; The blue arrows with rounded ends indicate pathogen inhibition; ? indicates unknown mechanisms; SFB indicates short filamenthous bacteria.

f2-M synergizes with antibiotic treatment by cutting down undersirable side effects.

Benefits of f2-M

An oral health supplement that may help prevent various chronic diseases. Circumvent autoimmune diseases, allergies and neurodegeneration, by combining healthy living microorganisms with a unique selection of organic plant and fruit extracts.

Supports and protects your body from intoxication by dangerous viruses, bacterias, and toxic environmental compounds thus promoting the formation of *endogenous chelators.
*These are organically formed molecules which bind to heavy metals to clear them from your body via the kidney and faeces, these help control a healthy conversion of carbohydrates and sugar molecules from our nutrition. They also help prevent the formation of dangerous glycated products which are responsible for a variety of chronic diseases effecting vessels, brain, eye, kidney, liver, skin, and many more.

It also helps to circumvent the absorption of toxic compounds in food that has been treated by antibiotics, hormones, herbicides and pesticides.
A unique formula of organic plant extracts containing abundant antioxidants and other bioactive enzymes.

f2-M Contains:
Organic fermented herbs and plant extracts, LingZhi, aerobic and anaerobic living bacterial strains, sugar molasses. It does not contain any artificial stabiliser, synthetic sweetener, or synthetic aroma enhancers. It does not contain gluten or glutamate.

Dosage - Oral

The mouth contains the highest density of immune cells in our body. The interaction of the living microorganisms in f2-M and their released compounds and microorganisms, help stimulate the immune effector cells along the throat, intestine and gut. This supports the body’s own defense mechanisms to prevent disease and toxin build up from pollution and nutritional compounds.

Morning: Use 5 sprays of f2-M before brushing and breakfast. Please hold the f2-M in your mouth for at least 15 seconds, then swallow with at least 100 ml of water.

Night Time: Use 5 sprays at bedtime before brushing. Note: In cases of chronic diseases, especially bowel inflammation, you can take 5 sprays of f2-M before each meal, so 3 times per day.

External Use

f2-M may be used on surface wounds or cuts resulting from or subjected to viral or bacterial infections (cold sores, eczema, burns etc.). Place 2-3 sprays on the affected area 3 times per day until the wound is healed.

f2-M applied to a cut may stop bleeding and may be applied to a burnt area to alleviate pain.

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