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Professor Dr. med Fred Fändrich, FRCS

Professor Fred Fändrich is currently the Director of the Department of Applied Cellular Medicine at the University Hospital of Schleswig-­Holstein in Kiel, Germany.’

Professor Fändrich is the President of the European Society for Autoimmune Disease (EGAI) and is one of the five opinion leaders for the World Transplant Society, Oxford, UK. He has also won numerous awards including:

  • Outstanding Physics Award, University of CA, Riverside
  • Rudolf-­Pichlmayr-­Award for outstanding research in the field of peptide and stem-­cell mediated tolerance induction, German Society of Surgery (DGC)
  • Georg Heberer Award, Chiles Foundation Portland, Oregon

He has also published many scientific papers and clinical reviews in the field of Transplantation, Oncology, Regenerative and Cellular Medicine, and Immunotherapy, as well as made contributions to clinical reference books. Professor Fändrich travels frequently to Asia to conduct lectures and speak at medical and wellness conferences. Professor Fandrich developed f2-M because he understood that the gut microbiome supports the immune system and without a healthy immune system it is hard for your body to fight chronic disease.

"What are effective microorganisms in f2-M"?

Effective Microorganisms are healthy strains of bacteria cultured through fermentation into a single solution without genetically altering these bio-cultures. These bio-cultures include thirty three photosynthesis-employing bacterial strains. All ingredients are tested in accordance to European Guidelines Fermented active bio-cultures are living, useful and healthy bacterial strains which -under normal circumstances- colonize all inner epithelial linings of your body, especially gut, lung and skin. Food processing standards have caused diets to become sterile (total removal of bacteria). In contrast, stabilizers, artificial aroma enhancers and synthetic compounds are added and with these present in food intake, an individual ‘ s microflora is constantly changing, giving rise to an overgrowth of pathogenic (disease triggering) microorganisms. f2-M re-balances and normalizes an individual’s gut flora thus promoting health and preventing diseases.

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